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Vitamin D3 & K2 (Chewable)

Vitamin D3 & K2 (Chewable)

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A combination of D3 and K2 in a chewable so it can be easily given to children and the elderly.  Vitamin D and K support healthy bones and a healthy immune system. ‡


  • Clinically useful dose,
  • Contains Vitamin K2 (as Mk7) & Vitamin D3.
  • Essential for optimal bone and arterial health.

Caution: Vitamin K may adversely interact with
anticoagulation drugs known as blood thinners.

About Vitamin K:

  • Osteocalcin is the most well-known Gla protein. It has been widely recognized for its importance in bone density, and requires vitamin K to work properly.
  • Vitamin K is necessary for the carboxylation (the addition of a carboxyl group) of osteocalcin. Under- carboxylated osteocalcin cannot regulate calcium, and thus, increases the risk of calcium being deposited in areas where it should not be (arteries and soft tissue).
  • Vitamin K directs the transportation of calcium into bone and teeth for optimal strength. Increasing the amount of vitamin D, via supplementation, in the presence of inadequate levels of vitamin K, can increase the risk of calcium deposition in arteries and soft tissue and have a very negative effect on artery elasticity. This is due to their interaction in the use of MGP, Matrix Gla Protein, which is a strong inhibitor of arterial calcification.


Take 1 tablet with meals or as recommended by your practitioner.

    Manufactured in a US FDA inspected facility.  GMP Compliant.   Purity and Potency Guaranteed!   We use the highest quality raw materials available. Testing is done at various stages of production.

    ‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    90 Chewable Vegetarian Tablets

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